Why More Women Seeking PRP Hair Loss Treatment For Thinning Hair

Posted by soniya on December 1st, 2016

As we all know that loss of hair in women is devastating. With advance in technology PRP Hair Loss Treatment is a good option for women with respect to thinning hair. There are many researches been carried out why women lose their hair. Marmm Klinik enhances PRP treatment and its popularity which is reflected in Google enquires in growing queues observed as popular hair clinic in India.


In a statistic , all over the world the women of US about 21 million are facing hair loss of some kind. PRP uses patient's own natural blood platelets to restore the hair follicle including the growth component which the women are seeking for ultimately restore hair.


Key Factors Responsible for Choosing PRP Hair Loss Treatment by Women are:


1. Convenient: Many women undergoes PRP treatment because it is quick procedure which is absolutely non invasive .


2. Natural: This process involve extracting of blood from their own so it feels no sense of violation by foreign bodies and its affects are natural.


3. Effective: This treatment is long lasting and superior because it uses growth factor responsible for hair growth.


4. Safe: It is considered as a safe process because there is no allergic reaction, risk and other side effects involved in using autologous blood .


5.Reliable : This process gives natural and beautiful looking end result which increases the trust of women in this treatment.


6. Non-surgical treatment: The PRP treatment is not associated with any kind of surgery which is also a reason for choosing it as hair loss surgery .


In the past PRP therapy , the experienced of patient is uncomfortable and even sometime painful which is carried out under local anaesthetic. In present it makes possible for us to use PRP treatment to promote hair growth or we can say it can also used with hair transplant in combination .

Nowadays doctors or surgeons are experiencing women interest when incorporating with PRP treatments for thinning hair in their services.

In conclusion , it is a wonderful option for women from early to intermediate stages of hair loss. Adding PRP Hair Loss Treatment to ever expanding in Marmm Kinik is great option for hair loss in women because it's result are amazing and with advanced techniques makes it popular.

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