Important Strategies to Know when getting into the game of ffxv power leveling?

Posted by on December 2nd, 2016

Power leveling does not actually require grinding as has been made out to be.  It all boils down to the discipline with which quests are conquered. As you go deeper into ffxv power leveling you need to strategize and optimize. Here’s a complete lowdown on how you can effectively game in power leveling.

Taking up quests where sufficient exposure is available

By taking up only those quests where you have sufficient experience it is possible to excel. As far as possible, time should not be wasted.  The amount of experience gained with each and every hour is what matters.  You need to demonstrate speed and efficiency.

Specializing in professions

The goal should be to show cost to benefit. The skills gained versus the cost is what is required to be proved. Hence it is important to specialize in professions by opting for the best way to optimize the gaining of skills through least expenditure.

Cheat Sheet on scoring big

This little cheat sheet will help you on your way. Though not exhaustive, it is indeed a good starter.

  • Never try to exhaust all quests. You may run out of quests in the future.
  • Learn the game. Understand the whole grind by reading as much as possible.
  • Multitasking is the key. Try to plan or read during activities such as flying.
  • Rely on past user experience to develop specs
  • It always makes good game sense to battle enemies who are many levels lower, to gain experience while making the most of a task which is not too difficult.
  • Let the boys hold the mouse. Guys use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Plan cessation of sessions to give you rest, choose a city or an inn to end your day.
  • A good option would be to retain a guardian active always. Doing this smartly could involve farming, since it is an expensive option.
  • Giving the Stranglehorn fishing meet a try will surely fetch a ring (heirloom) which can in turn give an XP boost.

Take assistance from authority

Commercial guides on WoW will help you shore up your skills and knowledge on the subject. There really is nothing quite like an authoritative guide. You get the complete gen on specs and tips, keyboard shortcuts, the works. This is a great boost and a sure shot. Very much unlike confusing guides which end up befuddling the reader.

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