Why Turn Ashes into Diamonds?

Posted by Brian Miller on December 2nd, 2016

Truth being told, there are countless reasons why you should want to turn ashes into diamonds, one of them being the fact that this is the perfect way of honouring the loved one that you have recently lost. Despite the fact that people don’t normally associate memorial diamonds with the ashes of the people in their lives that have passed away, you should know that this is one of your options. Instead of opting for a traditional burial and service, you can do something that will offer you certain advantages.

At first, you might be tempted to be more conservative and just follow the regular steps that are usually associated with the death of someone you cared deeply about. However, one of the many reasons why you should consider investing in memorial diamonds is the fact that they last for many years to come. It’s not like you turn ashes into diamonds and need to keep them in a box. You can wear them as long as you decide to place the diamonds in some sort of jewellery setting.

If someone asks you about the story behind that particular ring or pendant, there is a lot that you can say about it. The diamond that they can see is made out of the ashes of someone who meant a lot to you and that you did not want to say goodbye to. Even if they are no longer in your life, a part of them – their essence, will always be here. You might be surprised to know that the process of growing these diamonds takes around 6 months.

However, if you think about it, we are talking about a process that allows professionals to turn ashes into diamonds. It is obviously something that needs a lot of care and attention. Another reason why you should want to invest in such diamonds is the fact that they are not just any valuable gems you can buy anywhere. Every single one of them is unique due to a few different factors. First of all, every diamond is made out of the ashes of a particular individual.

Also, due to this particular fact, the final shade of the memorial diamonds will not be the same as any other rock that you have seen. Their shape and colour will depend on the ashes used and the environment where they will grow. If you are wondering how you can benefit from such a service, you should know that it all starts with creating your own account on the right site and asking for an ashes storage kit. They will send it over, you will need to place the ashes there and return the kit.

If you would like to learn How to Turn Ashes into Diamonds, you should consider following the right link and see for yourself just how interesting this entire process actually is. This is a great way of keeping memorial diamonds from loved one long after they are gone. Get all of your questions answered today!

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