Six Steps Toward A Bad Auto Loan

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Anyone can get a bad deal on an auto loan. It really does not take much - just go get one without any preparation. It is your money and you are free to spend more than necessary. In fact, you probably will. If, however, you want a good deal - this will not come by accident (at least it is not likely). Here are some steps that will help you get a bad auto loan - and if you want a good one you need to avoid them.

1. Do Not Check Your Credit Report First

Oftentimes, errors can be reported by mistake on your credit report. These can be easily corrected and modifications made if challenged. Since your interest rate, the amount you can borrow, and the amount of time you have to pay off the loan are all determined partly by your credit score - why bother with it?

2. Do Not Bother To Get A Preapproved Auto Loan

Preapproved loans mean that you will have probably checked out several auto loan quotes to see which one is the best. This lets you choose the best of the offers you received, and get an even better interest rate. Having the auto loan check with you when you shop for a new car will give you more negotiating power with the dealer.

3. Stay Away From Finding Out The Value Of The Car You Want

A little homework won't hurt when it comes to making sure you are not paying more than you need to. Of course, if you are rich, then it really does not matter - you probably have money to burn. Otherwise, knowing the value of a car and what it is currently selling for, will help you find a better deal.

4. Telling The Salesman How Much You Can Afford

How much you can afford, or the credit limit on your preapproved check, is not the business of the sales people at the dealers. By keeping it secret, you have greater leverage to lower the cost of the car. If you tell them, they will be sure to keep it as high as they can - just under that amount.

5. Take The First Offer The Salesman Makes

The process of negotiation never starts out where you want it to go. Knowing that you will try to bring them lower, they start out high and leave it up to you to make a counter offer - or at least talk about it. There are always steps toward lower prices if you keep talking with them - they expect it. Oftentimes, people quit too soon to get a deal worth talking about. Understanding the value of the car will let you know how far they can go. A good price would be about two hundred dollars above the cost.

6. Do Not Read The Contract Or Understand The Additions

Understanding auto loan terms and what they mean could save you a bundle. You should know what is required and what is not. Remember - the dealer is out to make some money - he or she is a business person and that is their goal. Your goal, on the other hand, should be to save some money. By knowing the terms, and the ways of car salesmen, you can keep the auto loan down to where it will fit your budget. If you do not understand it as he or she goes through it, ask them to explain it to you.

Good auto loans do not come by accident. If you want a good one, there is no substitute for some research and getting a number of quotes. With that research, it will enable you to drive away with your new car - happy with the deal you got.

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