Unistar chemical offer best cleansing solutions for Dry cleaning, Electronic Cle

Posted by Harry on December 5th, 2016

Research through different scientists and extensive testing also proves that NPB Dry cleaning solvent is better and faster than PERC for cleaning purpose. It contains less hazardous chemicals and makes it safe to clean and gives better results to its users.
Trans-1, 2-Dichloroethylene is a safe and sustainable chlorinated solvent that is used in cleansing applications. Trans DCE is environment properties friendly solvent and also safe for human health, as compared with other chlorinated and bromide solvents available in the market. The user of Unistar chemical Dichloroethylene no need to worry about environmental compliance and waste disposal issue connected with PERC.

Unistar Tran DCE is a non-flammable solvent while pure Trans DCE is a flammable liquid with a flash point of 2degree Celsius. Our Trans DCE keeps a stable composition at a boiling point and it maintains the feature of non-flammable throughout the use of product. Unistar 1, 2-Trans-Dichloroethylene has a short life because of this nature and it is environment friendly and has less impact on global climate change. Trichloroethylene is a heavy liquid and clear solvency and has no flash point as determined by the testing methods. Trichloroethylene maintains high stability and has common chemical stabilizers in it that can be easily recycled. In the past trichloroethylene is used as the general anesthetic. Trichloroethylene has a low boiling point and also allows vapor degreasing with low heat input.

Unistar Tetrachloroethylene is a colorless chemical and non-flammable liquid and sweet odor. It is a general purpose solvent used in various purposes including formulation, blending and various others. Unistar chemicals Tetrachloroethylene solution is safe to use on textiles, fibers and dyes, as they do not harm your garments and gives good results. This chemical solution can also be used for extracting fats, removing paint, dissolving rubber, a carrier solvent, brake cleaning and others.

Unistar chemicals are also a leading manufacturer of basic and middle foam blowing agent and refrigerant and chemical solvent. We are the only producer of safe and environmental friendly chemical solutions as compared to other manufacturers available in the market.
We are the manufacturer of different types of advance solvents including Dry cleaning solvent, Electronic cleaning solvent and medical cleaning solvent. Currently we are producing four lines of cleansing solvents for Medical cleansing equipment that is used throughout the world for cleansing medical instruments, implants and other devices.

Unistar chemical Medical cleansing solutions are used to remove oil and organics from the instruments and leaving no residue on them. As a result satisfy the strict standard for your medical facility in your clinic or hospital.

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