Train Your Kids to Use Potty Training Toilet Seats

Posted by R for Rabbit Baby Products Pvt. Ltd. on December 6th, 2016

When it comes to teaching your child about how to use the toilet, it’s important to use proven techniques and have the right tools on hand. Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know—from assessing whether your child is ready down to choosing potty training toilet seats.   

When should you start potty training your child? 

Not all children become ready at the same age. The key is to watch for signs of readiness, which your child may start to show between 18 and 24 months. Note, that boys typically start later than girls; they also take longer to learn. Your child may be ready to learn how to use the toilet when he or she has developed the ability to follow simple instructions and is able to pull down his or her own underpants or disposable diapers. 

How long will it take for your child to learn? 

Teaching toddlers to use potty training toilet seats is not an overnight experience. Expect the process to take anywhere from 3 and 6 months, and perhaps even longer for some children. 

How do you start? 

You can prepare your toddler to try using the potty by familiarizing him or her about how to use the seat. Teach your child words like poop, pee, and potty. Ask him or her to let you know whenever the diaper is soiled or wet. Finally, buy a potty chair that your toddler can practice sitting on clothed, then with a diaper, and then bare-bottomed once ready. Children learn by watching, so it helps to show your toddler how you sit on the potty while explaining what you're doing. 

Remember—do not rush. Be sure to set aside enough time for the potty-training process. Avoid forcing your child to sit on the potty against his or her will. Many child rearing experts also recommend establishing a routine. Most kids are regular when it comes to the time of day they poop. They also give clear signals that they want to use the toilet; for example, they might squat, grunt, or their faces might turn red. This is an excellent time to teach them about using the toilet. 

Which potty training toilet seats are the best? 

You can’t go wrong with an adoptable potty training seat. You can use it as is or attach it to the toilet in your bathroom once your child is ready. This type of seat is easy to clamp with regular adult seats. It should be easy to wash and keep hygienic, too. Some of the best potty training toilets seats even come with comfortable high backs for optimum good support and to keep your toddler from falling back. There is a lid cover for preventing foul smells after use. 

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