How can you look your best during engagement photography and destination wedding

Posted by articlelink01 on December 6th, 2016

He proposed to you just last night and in the first few hours filled with the inevitable adrenaline rush and the accompanying euphoria you completely forgot to take stock of the things you needed to do to ensure you big day is an undoubted success. Deciding on a cake decorator, fixing the menu over and done with, you came face to face with the dilemma of choosing a great photographer who can handle your engagement photography and destination weddings sessions with ease. After all, he is the only one who can make sure you look like a million bucks, right? As true as that might be, it wouldn’t hurt to have some tricks up your sleeve and do your part to preserve your cherished memories, right?

If you are blessed with a camera friendly disposition, there’s nothing like it! But unfortunately quite a few of us tend to get nervous whenever a camera or two is pointed at our face. Believe us. The nerves on your engagement photo shoot would not help either! Rather than thinking too much about how the photographs would turn out, try to enjoy each and every moment of the day with your friends and family members. Candid engagement photography is all the rage these days, you just have to look happy and your engagement photographer is sure to get all the good shots.

Brief your destination wedding photographer on exactly what you want out of the photo shoot. While some couples might want their photographers to focus solely on capturing romantic pictures others might want some shots in which their guests are having fun at the unique location too. Some couples would want to try out the famous romantic poses done by Hollywood movie couples. In case you find a particular pose is making you feel uncomfortable, don’t just go along with it. Be brave enough to stop and improvise a little. It depends on you to choose the photography style if you don’t want to be disappointed when you finally lay eyes on the coveted wedding album.

Don’t ever underestimate the wonders that natural light can do to your destination weddings photographs. Dark wedding photographs are every bride’s worst nightmare! You should try to ensure that the ceremony ends before evening sets in. However, if you always wanted a theme wedding with the star light pouring down on you while you exchange your vows, your photographer should be clever enough to keep a lot of artificial light available in case the need arises. Get your dress fittings just right as not only does good photography bring alive the romance in the air but also glaringly points out the flaws in the folds of your otherwise elegant gown. Also, when you hire the makeup artist for your D day, it would do you good to ask for their portfolio to find out whether they are able to highlight your best features so that the natural light effortlessly bounces off them.

Like to go the extra mile to guarantee everything looks picture perfect? Convince your fiancée and to be husband to practice some of the pictures with you and ask your friends to tell you which ones you can do without. A little known secret: Looking natural yet fabulous on your wedding day requires a lot of effort. Nothing comes easy when you want to store your memories forever.


It is imperative that you choose a good wedding photographer who will bring out the special glow in the Engagement Photography and destination weddings , so that the day remains unforgettable.

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