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Posted by markwahl barg on December 7th, 2016

Every organism in the world possesses a complete genetic material. This particular genetic material consists of the entire information of the gene.  There is one particular process invented by science known as DNA sequencing which helps in getting DNA information of a particular tribe or living object needed in various medical and other research studies.

Haplomaps is one such organization which undergoes this sequencing process in the form of DNA mapping.  Genetic study is indeed the most fascinating one and is indeed an essential thing to undergo in the recent years.

Haplomaps is one such organization which does genetic mapping for thousands of tribes across the globe.  For example they undergo genetic mapping for Africa, Bulgaria, Papua New Guinea and many other countries.

DNA sequencing has certain crucial steps which need to be performed.

In the beginning a piece of chromosome is taken which consist of around 50 or 250 million nucleotide bases.  The bases are then converted into smaller pieces.

The pieces are then used by scientist for further processing.  One important thing which should be noted that these little pieces produce fragments that varies in sizes.

A modern technique known as DNA gel electrophoresis is used to separate the different fragments and keep them in proper order.

The final base at the end of each fragment are identified and is then combined together to make a short strand.

The process of electrophoresis shows the different color chromatogram which represents the four DNA bases.

 After visualizing the bases the bases, all the fragments are combined together to make a long stretch.  This particular long stretch is used to analyze gene coding, errors and many other characteristics.  

DNA mapping is indeed a well crafted process which can also reflect upon the race and intelligence of humans.  People undergoing such experiment may get to know about the historical facts and figures of the human race. Haplopmaps have conducted the processing over many tribes in different parts of the world.  A certain section of the tribes known as Jarawa residing in Andaman Islands is about to get a genetic mapping by Haplomaps.

Study on genetics can actually reflect the human history in the recent years. Proper mapping can help us to know each and every thing about a particular tribe and their history. The DNA processing is done to find a proper way of implementing this particular experiment.  Haplomaps is one such platform where Genetic mapping is done to give the world something new.

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Richard Bones is a famous writer on genetic mapping. He has published various articles on these subjects.  

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