How do colors transform Pharma Products?

Posted by koelcolour on December 7th, 2016

How do colors transform Pharma Products?

Medicines have the power to cure ailments. But did you know that the colour of medicines play a transformational role in the effectiveness of the medicine.They expedite the time taken to cure the ailments. Research has proved that there is an impact of colourful medicines on the mind of the patients.

Once upon a time, medicines were available only in shades of white. With new technologies and scientific developments, colours such as pink, yellow, green, red, blue and more are made available by pharmaceutical colors manufacturers. Today, pharmaceutical colors share a colour palette of thousands of shades

“I have so many colourful tablets,” you must have heard someone under medication saying so in excitement. Colours for pharmaceutical products attract the feeling of excitement in an otherwise unpleasant experience of consuming a plain white tablet. For others, the coloured tablet may not be exciting but a medium to feel better.

Below are some of significant roles played by colours for pharmaceutical products.

Delivering a cure through colours

It goes without saying that colours used in consumable drugs are edible. Pharmaceutical colors manufacturers have to follow strict guidelines to ensure that colours are used as per the set international standards. Pharmaceutical dyes and pigments are used for adding colours to products based on the application requirements. Pharmaceutical colors manufacturers, therefore, invest a lot of time and money on research for finding the right colour and consistency of colours for drugs. Based on the analysis and testing performed by their research labs, the drugs are given the ideal quality, accuracy and intensity.

Distributing the right medicine

The functional value of colours helps in the distribution of drugs too. Light-sensitive products remain stable with the opacity of colour. Colour coding is utilized by pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. This prevents mixing of drugs during the production process and while packaging.Colours are perceived differently in countries across the world. A yellow may mean something in one country or something else in another. Religious beliefs or local cultural influence can change the way a person perceives colour. Therefore, colour/s of medicines are chosen based on the country where it will be distributes.

What you see is what you feel

Visuals appeal to human beings. And so does pharmaceutical colors. A red may invigorate or blue may calm a medicine user. Research has proved that colour has an impact on patients. The distinctive colour of medicine further benefits patients who consume a number of prescription drugs. Over time, the patient begins to identify the drug colour with a cure for the ailment. To further differentiate pharmaceutical drugs, the medicines are given distinct shapes and flavour coating.

Everyone, right from the workers at the manufacturer’s production line and healthcare workers to physicians and patients, benefit from the colour of medicines. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of the drug colour helps branding and marketing teams to promote the drug. Learn more about pharmaceutical dyes and pigments. Explore the fascinating world of pharmaceutical colors.

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