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Use cosmetic lake colors to expand your product line

Posted by koelcolour on December 7th, 2016

Use cosmetic lake colors to expand your product line

Today, we live in a world that mesmerizes our senses with the impressive effects of a wide colour spectrum. Among these are the cosmetics that promote ravishing lip shades and attractive eye shadows. Cosmetic colours are used to add those catchy colours in cosmetic products. These colours are made using dyes and pigments. Lake pigments are primarily used in cosmetics.

Why use Lake colors?

The Britannica encyclopaedia defines lake pigments as ‘any of a class of pigments composed of organic dyes that have been rendered insoluble by interaction with a compound of a metal.’ The purity of the dye content determines the hue and shade of the lake colour. Lake colours are widely used because they are insoluble in water.

Food, Pharma and Cosmetic industries use lake colours in their various products. Extensive choice of cosmetic colours is the reason behind the variety of cosmetic products in the market today. Leading manufacturers of lake colours in India follow global standards to create export-quality products. The characteristics of lake colours such as particle size, moisture content, oil adsorption, pH stability and gravity ensure the right level of consistency while creating batches of colours for use in products.

There are natural as well as synthetic lake colours. In cosmetic colours, aluminium lake colours are widely used. Aluminium lake colours are responsible for some of the stunning cosmetics in the market today. Brilliant blue lake, Amaranth lake, Sunset yellow lake, Indigo carmine lake, Quinoline yellow lake, Allura red lake, etc. are some commonly used aluminium lake colours. Calcium and Zirconium lakes can also be used in cosmetics.

Listed below are four popular uses of cosmetic lake colors:

  1. Eye Makeup – Cosmetics lake colors for eyes are to be created strictly as per the guidelines of the relevant authorities and law of the country. Manufacturers have to give special attention to cosmetic colour ingredients for eyes as any lapse can lead to loss of eyesight.
  2. Lip care – Lips just like eyes are sensitive and therefore, only the prescribed colours are to be used in lipsticks. Due to their insoluble nature, lake colours prevent bleeding of colours which helps in making the best lipsticks.
  3. Nail care – Nail art is all about beautiful colours. For a consistent spread of colours, cosmetic lakes are used in the manufacture of colours for nail paint and nail lacquers.
  4. Blush and Compact Powder – Cosmetic lake colors are used in a dry mix form to render bright and beautiful shades in blush and compact powder product lines.

To conclude, cosmetic lakes are chosen because of their physical characteristics of brightness and consistency. Reputed manufacturers who understand the legalities and have the expertise of utilising colour characteristics produce high-quality lake colours in India. We are experts in producing lake colours. We can guide you to choose the right palette of cosmetic lakes to expand your cosmetic products line.

Which colours would you like to use in your products? What are your concerns about cosmetic lakes?

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