7 Things To Know When Converting Oil To Propane

Posted by ThompsonGas on December 8th, 2016

A large portion of the global population relies on petroleum products, making crude oil refining and oil drilling a profitable industry. However, the high demand for oil and the increasing scarcity of resources are causing the prices of petrol to increase. This makes converting oil to propane a good option if you want to save money and be able to run your household or business efficiently. There are many other benefits of converting oil to propane, like reduction of greenhouse gases and carbon footprint, and being able to run your heating appliances or industrial equipment and vehicles more efficiently. Here are seven things you need to know to ensure that you can convert oil to propane successfully:

  • Supplies are higher than you thought – Almost 90 percent of propane being used in the US is domestically produced. Reputable propane providers are confident in their ‘never-run-out’ guarantee, and you can be sure they will deliver to you promptly.
  • It can help you save money – Propane may help lower your energy costs. Likewise, seasoned propane companies are able to offer propane at a reasonable and stable prices. Be sure to explore the payment options of a propane provider and choose the right one that suits your monthly budget and home heating needs.
  • Choose the right payment plan – Reputable propane providers understand every customer has different needs, so they offer customized plans that can guarantee savings in the long run.
  • The propane company can do it for you – Only an expert should conduct converting oil to propane. The propane service provider should be able to help you with that, but make sure that they are an accredited business and that they follow industry standards for efficient and safe conversion.


  • Choose the right propane provider – Make sure it is an established propane company that has been serving your area for decades.
  • Consider the heat produced per liter or gallon – Propane produces a different amount of heat per gallon or liter than heating oil. Oil may typically produce more heat, but it is essential to measure the amount of heat from propane using BTU (British Thermal Unit). The higher the BTU per gallon, the more heat you can get.
  • Invest in energy efficient propane appliances – Be sure to use high-quality appliances and equipment that are specifically designed to run on propane. That way, you can be sure that they can efficiently use up the gas.

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