iPhone 6S Vs iPhone 6, Should You Upgrade?

Posted by chriscui2016 on December 8th, 2016


Apple released the IPhone 6 after the iPhone 5, but a lot of people wonder is it necessary to do the upgrade for their phone. On the appearance they are of almost the same twin, so is there any significantly difference in the features that will give us the enough reason to upgrade to iPhone 6? In the following we will see the upgrade the iPhone 5 has brought to us.

Before upgrading your iPhone to newest model, there is something you have to care about. You may concern about your private information. So you have to make sure that ensure that there is no personal information that you have left in the old phone. But you may still need some of this information. Take the following steps to ensure that you protected your data and that the new owner will not learn about your information and back up some useful date or information to your new iPhone 6.

The camera of iPhone 5 upgrades to iPhone 6 from 800 million to 12 million pixels which can result in improving the resolution and quality picture. And it is a good new for the people who like take the selfie. From the practical point of view, in the day or the light is more adequate, the pictures do not have large difference compared with those taken with the previous generation, there will be some improvement in the dark circumstances. So to the most consumer experience point of view, the difference is not obvious. Although the difference of the effect in taking pictures is not obvious, however, there are some surprises when shooting video. There is a clear difference when playing the video shot by the iPhone 6 with 4K TV player contrasted with iPhone6. Quality can be easily distinguished with the naked eye. In fact, in order to play its characteristics a 4K film must be played on a large screen, and cooperate with the hardware, a 4K video can present its most beauty on an iPhone 6. With optical image stabilization function of the iPhone 6, even at night shooting performance is also very good.

A9 processor has brought some subtle differences in some aspect, such as shooting or opening a webpage. However, upgrading from iPhone6 to iPhones 6 cannot increase the speed in an obvious way. So, you do not expect the obvious speed increase immediately after you upgrade to the iPhone 6.However, A9 is a necessary part, because if there is no strong processor, iPhone 6 will not be able to complete the 4K video shooting processing power. Supporting 300Mbps LTE-A standard is an important network upgrade the iPhone 6 brings, if with support of the operator, the theoretical speed of network can be much faster. However, the speed of mobile network is affected by various factors and the speed can never be a very high lever. This just like a sports car, even if the speed can be very fast, but the speed limit on the road plays its speed Features.

Press the Application icon on the desktop with the 3D Touch, you can see a quick menu. You can reduce the times to access to App and then choose the different function menu. 3D-Touch significantly improved the efficiency of mobile phone operation. Live Photos is also a unique feature of the iPhone 6 and iPhones 6 plus that allows photos to be moved. When you first touch this feature, you will feel awesome.

Overall, in addition to 3D Touch and Live Photos, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 plus do not have significant progress. There are just some minor changes that make no difference to people. So if you still use a model like iPhone 5/5c/5s, you can definitely consider changing to an iPhone 5, but if you use an iPhone 6, as we can see from the above, there is no need for you to upgrade to iPhone 5.  

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