How to Auto Forward Hotmail Email To Other Email Addresses For Free?

Posted by janette smith on December 9th, 2016

How Do I Forward My Hotmail Messages to Gmail or Outlook? 

It is challenging for you to check all the email accounts on a regular basis. You may be curious to know about the possibility to forward the Hotmail messages to Gmail or to Outlook, automatically. In fact, it is a highly discussed question among the Hotmail users who are also using other email services (Gmail or Outlook). Hotmail Customer Service invites you (along with other Hotmail users) to know, how you can automatically forward messages to Hotmail to other email accounts. 

How do I automatically forward my Hotmail messages to Gmail?

  1.       Login to your Hotmail account
  2.       Go inside your Inbox
  3.       Go to the top right-hand corner
  4.       Find and open the Options menu
  5.       Select More Options then
  6.       It will give you a chance to select the Email forwarding option
  7.       Now you are supposed to check the box next to Forward your mail to another email account
  8.       Please enter the email address you want the messages to be forwarded
  9.       Also, leave a copy of the message in your Hotmail inbox
  10.   Save the inputs

How do I automatically forward my Hotmail messages to Outlook?

  1.       Login to your account
  2.       Visit the upper right corner
  3.       Click the settings icon (gear like)
  4.       Hence, you need to hit the more mail settings
  5.       You will be on a different page now
  6.       It will give you the chance to manage your account
  7.       Manage your account is, however, the next option to be selected by you
  8.       Press Email Forwarding now
  9.       A new page will open
  10.   It will prompt you to provide several important bits of information
  11.   After entering all required information, you need to select forward your mail to another email account
  12.   Enter the targeted email address here
  13.   Also, define whether you want to keep the forwarded messages in your Outlook inbox or not
  14.   You have done with it
  15.   For returning to your inbox, you will have to follow the appeared notification

 Hotmail technical support opens an open channel to help the busy users

Owing to the round the years’ availability and unique deliverance policy followed by Hotmail Technical Support Number, Hotmail Helpline is actively helping the users who face challenges in accessing all their email accounts. It is basically assisted by a group of troubleshooting experts who are skilled and technically trained. No matter you want to forward your Hotmail emails to your Gmail account or Outlook, you will be welcomed warmly, by the technical support unit. 

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