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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Online car loans enable you to get a good quote and ultimately the best deal. With dealerships and local banks, you are at the mercy of their rates. But with the internet, you can find the lowest rate in the country. These tips will help you find the best car loan quotes.

Prepare Your Credit History

Car loans are usually the second largest loan you will take out, so your credit history will greatly impact your rates and loan costs. A good credit history will help you sail through the process, but you can improve your rating by paying down credit cards and planning on a down payment of 20% or more.

However, if you have bad credit, you can still find a low rate. You will need to use a sub prime lender, which car loan brokers can help you find. You can expect to pay a couple of points higher than a regular loan, but you also have the option to refinance within a couple of years when your credit score improves.

Request Several Quotes

Request several quotes from several different lenders to find the best financing company. A difference in payments of just $17.00 a month will save you $1020 on a 60 month loan.

One option is to use the services of a car loan broker. They will allow you to make side by side comparisons of several different financing offers. Another option is to research individual financing companies.

Research Rates And Terms

With your collection of car loan quotes, research both rates and terms to find the best financial option for you. In most cases, a short loan will save you money through lower interest rates. However, a longer loan will equal smaller monthly payments. When deciding what is best for you, factor in your budget considerations along with the car loan?s cost.

Get Pre-approved

After you have picked a car loan lender, get pre-approved to increase your negotiation leverage when you go to buy a vehicle. Once approved, your lender will send you a blank check, which you fill out when you buy your vehicle. Dealerships treat you like a cash buyer, offering rebates and incentives to seal the deal. It is another way to trim thousands off the cost of your vehicle.

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