It wouldn't be a very good business decision

Posted by fanzhou on December 10th, 2016

Having to retrofit virtual item buys into a game that was not conceived with that model in mind could present design challenges. Cheap RS Gold Georgeson claimed that EverQuest II: Extended, however, is an easy fit for microtransactions."Believe it or not there were very few problems, actually," he said. "We had to figure out what we wanted to restrict, what we wanted people to purchase. You know, if we made it completely free it wouldn't be a very good business decision."He added, "Our biggest concern was not alienating the existing subscribers, and that's why we wanted a completely separate service." Georgeson said that SOE did consider taking EverQuest II completely free-to-play."Our players told us many times that they didn't want 'shortcut convenience-style items' in their marketplace," he said. "

They didn't want the feeling that people could empty out their wallets and succeed inside the game. We're not exactly like that on [EverQuest II Extended] either, but it's a very emotional thing for our existing players."Georgeson said he hopes the new service will encourage growth in the aging yet respected franchise. "Our subscription numbers have not been dipping. In fact, they've been holding pretty stable. But stable isn't really where we want to be at.".Bringing a game tailored for the Wii Remote over to PlayStation 3 and its dual-stick controller is a tricky challenge, one that developer Ronimo had to figure out first-hand with the side-scrolling WiiWare real-time strategy game Swords & Soldiers.In a new Gamasutra feature, Buy RS Gold Jeroen van der Heijden with Dutch usability research company Valsplat explained how his firm playtested the changes Ronimo made for the PS3 version of Swords & Soldiers, which on Wii relied heavily on point-and-click functionality not available on Sony's console."The main goal was to test the usability of the in-game controls and HUD.

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