Bodybuilding: Exercise or pastime

Posted by GabeTuft on December 9th, 2016


What do you mean by the word, ‘Bodybuilding’? Normally, when you hear this word, the first image that flashes before your eyes would be that of men with huge biceps and triceps flashing their muscles all over the place. Would that be enough to describe the word? One should understand that there are other people as well who build their bodies. It could be the normal person working in the office or the quintessential college student. Any person who seeks to improve the look of his or her body is a bodybuilder.

The difference:

Therefore, you can classify bodybuilders into two broad categories. One is that bodybuilder who does it as a profession to win competitions. The other person is the common boy or girl next door who has plans to improve their looks by having a well-toned body. Both these people, in effect, are doing the same things. The difference is that one does it as a profession and the other does it as an obsession.

The effort required:

However, one has to agree that both these activities require a great deal of effort as well. You need to follow dedicated Bodybuilding programs for both. We shall look at some programs followed by these bodybuilders for the benefit of all.

It is not an easy task to build the body. You have to combine strenuous exercise with a proper diet as well. A steady exercise routine would be of great help. You should not rush into building your body. Otherwise, you would end up with worn out muscles. You have to ease the muscles into developing further. You may suffer the odd muscle tear or so at the initial stage. The trick lies in overcoming such small hiccups and instigating the muscles to grow in a gradual manner.

The role of the coach:

You would not be able to build up your body on your own without any help from a coach or a nutritionist. Exercise is important and so is the proper nutrition. The perfect coach is one who would be able to blend the exercise portion and the nutrition portion in a perfect manner. This would entail him to devise proper bodybuilding workouts for you.

The bodybuilding coach would emphasize three main aspects of bodybuilding. The first one would be strength training followed by proper and adequate nutrition. You need adequate rest as well in the meanwhile.

Strength training:

This kind of bodybuilding workouts involves strength building, usually by lifting weights. You can experience some minor muscular tears. However, these micro-tears are necessary for the proper development of the muscles. As time goes by, your body will acclimatize to the weights and you would feel less discomfort. This is the time to increase the weights and frequency. This process would build up the muscles in a permanent manner.


One should maintain a balanced diet involving the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins. Eating more number of small meals, a day would be better than eating two full meals. This can help in the body metabolism, hydrate the muscles, and build them up eventually.


Our body can show signs of fatigue. One should take adequate rest during such times. Overworking the muscles could prove disastrous. Therefore, one should take adequate rest.

Final words:

The perfect combination of strength training, nutrition, and rest can improve one’s body naturally and permanently.

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