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Posted by nash john on December 12th, 2016

Below is the player-facing design document for the Bank Rework. It is an edited version of the original design overview that we made for the project.Please let us know of any feedback about the design. We will be of course be available on the thread, reddit and Twitter but we want to buy rs 3 gold and make sure that you know that we're listening to feedback.

I will be posting responses to feedback and answering questions on 13th, 20th December and 3rd, 10th and 17th January to be sure to check back then. I'll update this post with a link to these posts so just check back if you want to get involved in feedback!

The RuneScape Bank is one of the most important systems in RuneScape, you interact with the RuneScape bank multiple times on a daily basis, a vast majority of skills requires a bank in order to be trained at all and is an iconic part of the RuneScape gameplay. For all of these reasons, we need to be incredibly sure that we improve the bank's usability, display, functionality and features while keeping true to the identity of the current RuneScape bank.

To that end, we want to get you involved. We want your feedback on everything that we’re proposing. This document is the first step, and we want to see your thoughts on the official threads on forums, reddit and Twitter. We will then outline the changes to this design, based on your feedback, in a RuneScape Dev Diary about the Bank Rework in the coming weeks. Look out for that!

All of the below information is what we're designing and aiming for. Not everything will make it but we wanted to share as much about the design as we can right now.

This is what the Bank rework is looking to achieve. These aims are created for every major project, and are usually only released internally.

• Add critical features such as bank placeholders, organisation and customisation
• Improve the usability of the bank, so that players can use it more efficiently and without friction
• Bring existing storage and retrieval features into one central area
• Maintain the current feel of the RuneScape bank, so that it’s recognisable to existing and returning players
• Improve the internal workings of the bank so that it can be maintained and expanded easily

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