Buy Gold Plated Masonic Pocket Watch In Order To Attend A Lodge Meeting

Posted by harryjoy on December 12th, 2016

If you are a practicing Freemason, you must be knowing the importance of special symbols and other insignia that you are required to wear while attending a Masonic lodge meeting or any other event related to the fraternity. Wearing of these special things has been made mandatory by the Freemasonry administration in order to separate the members from other people who do not belong to the fraternity. Also, Freemasonry believes in the concept of ‘Brotherly Love’, which makes it more appropriate for the members to present gifts to other fellow members with some special items like Masonic pocket watches. They are a traditional form of watches kept in the pocket that were worn in olden times on some special occasions.

Long before wristwatches came into existence, people used to wear pocket watches. People wear these watches to show their status as well as wealth just like wristwatches in today’s times. Masonic pocket watches consist of a chain that hangs nicely out of it. This chain is made of gold or it may also be gold plated that can be pinned in your suit to keep the watch safely intact in your pocket. The dial of the Masonic pocket watch is usually engraved one or it may look like an engraved case. You can get these watches in a wide variety of price ranges. If you are interested in having some of the antique collections of Masonic pocket watches, it would come with a high price tag. Now, they are also available in a non-traditional form and in triangular shapes at low prices to meet the customers’ needs.

Masonic pocket watches are much lighter in weight so that you can easily carry them around with you. You can choose these watches in any design and style along with their matching accessories. One important thing to remember here is that in these watches, you will find the Freemasonry's logo that is Masonic Square and Compasses. It will ensure that the watch you are wearing is authentic. Apart from wearing these watches on special occasions, you can also wear them daily to show your solidarity to the Freemasons fraternity.

You can buy Masonic pocket watch online with many dealers who are selling these watches through their websites. After finding a good company on the internet that is providing all kinds of watches, you can buy gold plated Masonic pocket watch to keep it as a Masonic symbol.

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