Wondering Where To Get Portable Dasherboards In US? Know More About Them

Posted by reez thomas on December 12th, 2016

Boards of a hockey rink are also called dasherboards. To decide on which type of dasherboard you need at your facility, there are some basic questions which you must ask yourself before making the decision.

The boards you install will act as a permanent fixture or you need to remove and re-install them on a regular basis due to the multipurpose nature of your facility.

The type of player and the level of game you will allow to happen.

Ar you also going to host dry floor events in the arena.

What is the life expectancy of the dasherboard you are planning to buy.

Choosing Between Aluminum And Steel Frame

Aluminum frames are lighter in weight. Therefore they are more suitable for venues which require changeovers on frequent basis.

On the other hand, steel dasherboards are heavier and more suitable for places that require a permanent arrangement as it is relatively tougher to take down steel dasherboards.

A important point here to keep in mind is that steel frame dasherboards are more durable and resilient to constant wear and tear caused by use and abuse of the people visiting the arena. Apart from that, it is also easier to repair steel dasherboards on site than the aluminum ones.

Dasherboards are subject to all kinds of abuse like strike, abash and what not. Hence, it is very important to install the right kind to ensure the safety and convenience of players and spectators at large.

Here are some vital points you must know to make the right decision.

Consider seating location of the spectators to decide the layout.

Maintenance requirement for the proper upkeep of the arena is a must. You can also get netting or clear acrylic in Dasherboards which requires less maintenance.

Dimensions and layout of the rink. This decision could be based on the rules which are governing your hockey association, size of the facility or the type of tournament among others.

Decide where to get portable Dasherboards in US which have the thickness of frame and the support required along with puck board as per the degree of play.

If you are using steel frames, you need to get them galvanized by the process of hot dipping or powder coating to ensure they do not get ruined from rusting.

Apart from that, ensure that dasherboards fit well in your arena and if there is some difference, it is advisable to have them custom built as per your requirement.

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