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Posted by noonanwaste on December 12th, 2016

The wastes of homes, industries and commercial buildings should be disposed, collected and managed by a special team. If waste is retained, then the place becomes infested to different insects or microorganisms. The waste management service is provided for safety and environmental causes. Different technologies and methods are used to dispose and manage the waste of the homes and buildings. The collection process of waste should be proper so that a speck of dust also does not remain in the place. If the waste is not collected properly, then the place is filled with microorganisms and people dwelling in the region develop different types of diseases.

Residential services

The different types of residential services provided to the customers are disposal, waste collection and recycling services. The different types of waste in the house includes tires, batteries, medical waste, mattresses, TVs or monitors, concrete, yard waste, metal waste, propane tanks, paint cans etc. The waste that is collected in later recycled or the waste that can cause hazards can be burnt. The Halifax Single Stream Recycling service providers perform single stream recycling for disposing all the waste materials that are present at homes and commercial buildings.

Two separate carts are prepared to collect different types of items. The first cart is the recycle cart and the other cart is the trash cart. In the recycle cart, different types of items should be placed such as sticky notes, catalogues, magazines, file folders, cardboards such as shipping boxes, cereal boxes, food boxes, etc. In the empty containers, the home owner should place items such as soup and tuna cans, water bottles, soda cans, glass bottles, food containers, etc.

Some items are not recyclable and they should be put into the thrash cart and they are plastic bags, food, containers, CDs and DVDs, aerosol cans, garden hoses, pet food bags, motor oil bottles, etc. The metals such as glass, aluminum and other metals should be normally rinsed out. These recyclable should be clean and loose and they should not be placed in bags.

The classification of waste and dumping the waste into a specific cart is known as single stream recycling.

Industrial services

In industries bulk waste should be released and hence professionals should be hired to collect different types of wastes. The industries usually release many chemicals and in the process of releasing these chemicals different materials are used that are wastes. The hazardous waste should be burnt or dissolved so that the place should not become polluted.

Other services provided by the waste management team are portable toilets and roll off dumpsters service. They provide different types of roll-off containers, demolition trailer and waste removal service to industries and commercial places. They provide portable restrooms to the customers too.

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