Make Your Rink Safer And Easy-To-Advertise With LED Dasherboard Display In US

Posted by reez thomas on December 12th, 2016

Many people enjoy skating or watching a game at ice arenas and hockey rinks. If you decide to venture out on the ice, then you should be extra careful when returning to the floor. It is important for ice arenas to get dasher components and accessories in order to prevent any accidents.     

Dasherboards are a key component of every ice arena with little appreciation of their purpose and design. The word dasherboard has always been questioned as to its origin and what it means. History suggests that it is derived from the word dashboard, which is defined as a screen on the front of a horse-drawn vehicle to intercept water, mud, or snow. Like anything else, standard materials would have been used for a new application like a rink.

Dasherboards play a key role in the protection of participants, spectators, and workers during sporting events, which have an object in play. Although boards and shielding are a primary part of the protection system, they must be enhanced with protective netting when human occupancy is potentially exposed to items that can leave the playing area. With an advancement in technology, the dasherboards have also become the source of advertisement which many sponsors use to display their products without disturbing the craze of the game. With LED dasherboard display in US and everywhere else, sponsors can enjoy moments of exclusivity as their messaging ‘takes over’ the entire rink; broadcasters can engage fans with creative content such as team celebrations, tune-in announcements and even personalized messaging.

If you are planning to buy scrolling dasherboard sign for your ice rink arena, then it is wise to place it after doing a meticulous calculation. It is important to note that the system should have some flexibility and as such should not be mounted directly to an exterior wall or seating area. It should be placed where most of the crowd can see the sponsor’s ads as well as stay protected from any injury. Dasherboard advertising is a true revenue generator for all involved.

For the safety of the players and spectators and also the long term longevity of your dashboards, it really is imperative that you select a set which is designed for your venue and user groups you are planning to utilize in your facility. There is no other device in your facility that can absorb a lot of abuse as dasherboards do, so don’t scrimp in this important area.  

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