Is Coin collection a hobby worth your while?

Posted by capstonecoins on December 13th, 2016

If truth be told, it is intriguing how diverse coin collection can be. As a determined coil collector, you can mainly focus on collecting a specific set of coins; for example, ancient coins belonging to a specific country. If you find collecting ancient coins to be such a fascinating hobby, you can also opt for coins belonging to more than one country just to spice things up.

Moving on, collection of coins can also be based on different other aspects. As a coin collector, you can choose to put your attention on a specific series of coins, or specific dyes on the coins, a precise type set or even a specific grade of coins. Because there are those who only focus on expensive and very rare coins, you can choose to concentrate more on foreign coins and rare gold coins.

However you choose to collect your coins, do not be discouraged. The greatest thing about collecting US coins is that there are no rules and anyone can join in and collect whatever they wish to collect. Therefore, if you have never been a coin collector it is never too late. You can start your coin collection at any time. Start with what you have and as you add more to your collection, you can relieve a country’s history through the coins.

What are the advantages of collecting coins?

It does not require any skill or qualifications – coin collection is simply a hobby that people across the world live up to. It gives great pleasure during leisure and with it comes a feeling of fulfillment.


  • It is a sign of wealth – coin collection plays a big role in people’s status. You will come across people who are willing to part with coins while others are determined to buy these coins. For example, in India, the Indians’ financial status is set by the number of coins you have. The more you collect, the wealthier you are.

  • It is a form of investment – coin collection is quite profitable, especially if you collect the very rare set of coins. The rare the coins, the more they cost. The ordinary forces of demand and supply are relevant in coin collection too.

  • It is an exciting way of interacting with new people –as a coin collector, you can get in touch with other coin collectors online. In this day and age, where almost everyone is internet savvy, you can form chat rooms with other enthusiasts to talk about different coins, or even trade coins and relive each other’s history.

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