Company Registration Founds a Stronger Base of a Company

Posted by legallegends on December 13th, 2016

Legalization of your commercial or industrial enterprise should be done at the very beginning of its establishment. Company Registration is the process that offers you the opportunity. This is a way to give your company a stronger base as well. Whatever the service or product you want to sell in the market, when you will have do so having legal rights, surely prospering in your business will be easier to you. The registration process of a company is guided by the laws of the concerned countries. By following the legal procedure, if you found your company and register it then making your business dream come true will be possible for you as your company will be a legal entity to fulfill its business objectives in the best way. Not only your company will pay taxes to the government but also it will get legal benefits as well to perform its activities in a smoother way.

A company is considered as an artificial or invisible person; therefore, it will have a name as well. For this reason; at the time of establishing your company, you should have to consider a name and by getting approval through registration, you can promote the name as well. After naming your company, you should have to prepare the Memorandum of Association. Each and every step to complete the registration process is too important to follow and you cannot obtain the certificate of being registered until you fulfill the steps as per the norms. Articles of Association are another important document that also you would have to prepare. And last but not least, when you will submit the required documents along with the registration fees, you will be close to the completion of the process. Office of the Registrar of Companies will then scrutinize all the documents and by finding them correct and systematic, they will provide you the Company Registration certificate.

In the Memorandum of Association, the names of the proprietor or the partners of the company are mentioned along with their signatures. In addition to that, the rules and regulations to be followed by the company is also dictated in this document. Therefore, preparing Memorandum of Association in a systematic way and correctly is of utmost importance. How the company will operate and what would be the structure of the company, and many other important things are mentioned in the Articles of Association and in this way, this is also one of the important document to be prepared carefully. As mentioned above that along with these documents when you pay the registration fees to the Registrar, you finish the process in a systematic way and your company proceeds one step ahead towards obtaining the registration certificate. While submitting the documents, you should also have to mention the nature of your company as well. It may be formed as a public company, private limited company, community interest company, limited partnership company, or of other types. After completing the registration, your company not only gets an identity but also obtains permission to operate as per the laws.

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