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Posted by peter abel on December 14th, 2016

Our society is guided by certain rules and regulations and every citizen is expected to follow them irrespective of their beliefs. There are numerous law enforcement officers who work round the clock to make that happen. They work selflessly towards maintaining peace in the society and keeping it crime free. The community of law enforcement officers is the true example of brotherhood and sisterhood. They stand for what they believe in and help fellow officers whenever needed. A concept, known as the blue line identifier, was born in the United Kingdom in 1988, and came into the US in 1993. This has helped in keeping the law enforcement officers bonded through the years.

The Blue Line Identifier helps to quickly identify a law enforcement officer in a crowd. The blue line consists of three stripes: two black stripes at the top and at the bottom and a blue stripe in the centre. The top black stripe represents the public, the bottom black stripe stands for criminals and the blue stripe in the centre stands for the law enforcement. This blue line represents the dedication of the officers in keeping the public safe from the criminals. They stand in the way of criminals who want to harm the public. This symbol is also a way of paying respect to the fallen officers, and depicting the strength of this community.

Thin Blue Line stands as the law enforcement identifier and can be seen on lapel pins, patches, clothing, reflective stickers for your cars, decals etc. They are a way for the law enforcement officers to show their love and respect to fellow brothers and sisters. There are many thin blue line identifiers that can be used on your vehicles. This concept has given rise to many clubs and groups that support the idea. For example: thin blue line mc,​ also known as the motor cycle club, represents the like minded brothers and sisters who work towards a common goal.

In addition, if you want to give respect to a police dog, you can purchase the thin blue line K-9 identifier. This contains a superimposed silhouette of a K9 in front of the blue line. Then there are the SWAT identifier, license tag, motorcycle identifier, bicycle identifier, paw identifier, caps, bandanas, bracelets, etc. which have unique and distinctive designs. Only a certified law enforcement officer can purchase these items and use them. This world needs peace and these officers work really hard in making the world a safe haven for its citizens.

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