What are the advantages for businesses in LA in using outside financial experts?

Posted by Universal on December 14th, 2016

If you do business in Los Angeles, you will be well aware of the fact that just about everyone claims to be a financial expert. The real experts, interestingly, don't need to tell people that they are experts. They prove it on a routine basis.

The other issue, of course, is that you need experts to unravel the various messes created by so-called experts. Just about every business has had an experience with self-inflicted expertise. It may be an accounts tangle, an operational train wreck, or some other fascinating exercise in things you would rather never happened.

Outside financial experts have multiple advantages:

  • They are not part of the internal politics of the business.
  • They are hired by you, working for you.
  • Financial expertise is extremely valuable in finding fraud, and other "financial irregularities".
  • A second independent opinion about anything financial is always worth it.

Types of financial expertise include:

  • Full-on financial accounting services – These services can include everything from audits through to tax, financial management, financial planning, and real-time operations.
  • Financial advisors – Good financial advisors pay for themselves many times over. Again, having independent financial advice and information is a major positive for CEOs and business owners.
  • Problem solvers – Whether a problem is caused by negligence, incompetence, or actual criminal activity, somebody has to sort out the mess. As a manager, that somebody can't be you, unless you really like working weeks of 18 hour days and want to carry the can for any further problems. A good outside financial expert is exactly what you need.

If we have somehow persuaded you that getting outside financial expertise is a good idea, mission accomplished. The bottom line is that modern businesses need reliable outside resources. Financial management is no joke, and can be a very high risk issues both for individuals and businesses.

A really good example of the high quality outside expertise available in LA is a company called Premier Tax and Finance, which is a sort of one-stop shop for just about every imaginable type of financial service. Those guys do everything from tax to actual operational staff training and even CFO services. Visit their website here at www.premiertaxandfinance.com for more details.

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