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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Car loans have it possible for anyone to buy a new car using borrowed money. Getting financing for a new car isn?t hard and you only need two things ? sufficient income and a good credit rating. Below are some steps that you can take in order to obtain a car loan.

Step 1

Before getting a car loan, you need to choose your new set of wheels. Doing a bit of research would certainly help. You can check car websites for online ads and find the set of wheels that you like. Once you do, you can start negotiating with the seller for the purchase price.

Step 2

Again, do some research on interest rates this time. Several websites, like, publish surveys and polls of loan rates across the United States. Car loan rates differ and some are definitely lower than most. You can get the best deal out of your car loan by comparing rates with those offered by your local bank, credit union or car dealer.

Step 3

Car loan involves money and if there?s anything that you want to be, that?s being ripped off. So a little extra knowledge won?t hurt. Find out your car?s worth as a trade-in according to current market trends. You do these by researching your values in your bank or on the Internet.

Step 4

As early as now, you can start trying to determine how much down payment you can make on your car loan. Using your trade-in value and cash, or simply just cash, you can come up with the standard 20 percent that is usually required.

Step 5

One you have all information handy, apply for a car loan where you find the best rates. The length of the loan, monthly payment, and your budget are also huge factors in making your decision.

Step 6

If you?ve chosen and you find that you don?t qualify, don?t panic. Your options are endless. You could choose a less expensive car that?s right within your budget. And remember, you can always save more for a down payment.

Step 7

If you?re credit rating is giving you a hard time looking for low car loan rates, then consider building a better credit rating. You can try again after six months of paying your bills on time. If not, then you could always go for a bad credit car loan. Usually, insurance companies that offer bad credit loans don?t require their customers to submit their credit history. So even with a bad credit, you can still apply for a car loan.

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