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Posted by mariolee on December 16th, 2016

They don’t buy ads. They don’t write stories for reporters. They don’t put up billboards. They don’t come up with catchy phrases to make people buy more products they probably don’t need. So what do public relation firms in Calgary or anywhere else, for that matter, do? Well, basically, the job of a public relations officer is to inform the public about the news related to an enterprise/product or services with the aim to enhance interest and acceptance.

Public relations or PR can become an imperative issue once you put yourself in a position of public visibility. Ordinary people don’t have these ilk of worries but for people such as celebrities, sports superstars, politicians and businessmen, it is an important consideration. Public relations is an important factor in the success of certain careers. Movie stars and musicians need their fan base to patronize their movies and shows. Sports superstars need the support of their fans as well. Politicians need to look good in the public eye because a bad reputation can cause them to lose in the next election. Becoming an elected public official is a matter of public trust. Similar to celebrities and politicians, businessmen are concerned about public relations too.

While the public part implies the inclusion of things like public affairs, community relations, investor relations, public press conferences, media events, internal communications, and crisis communications. It also involves a lot of behind-the-scenes, non-public activity. It could involve simply the writing of a press release, but it could also involve coordinating media contacts for an event or conference, securing credentials, lobbying for article placement and the like.

The professionals from the best public relations firms in Calgary and other places follow a set of principles in order to achieve success. Most campaigns begin with the identification of the problem or challenge, then move on to setting the public relations’ goal. In order to achieve the goal, the public relations specialist crafts persuasive messages and implements key communication tactics while monitoring progress and fine-tuning as necessary.

Sometimes a company or organization is struck by a disastrous event that ruins its public image. This might be an oil company that has to deal with a high-profile spill or a food company that has a contamination event. Public relations professionals decide how the organization will repair the damage to its image, communicate how it is dealing with the problem and regain control of its message.

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