How to Avoid an IT Disaster

Posted by ssenetwork on December 18th, 2016

CIOs are concerned about skill shortages and the speed of delivery of Information Technology (IT) improvements and the time it takes to bring a product to market. Virtually every product has some IT component involved in its manufacture, distribution, sales, and customer service. The global economy is so heavily dependent on the IT functions that this effort often becomes the key driver for any organization’s success.

Each year, the Society for Information Management conducts a survey to determine what are the key issues faced by CIOs that they think are most important. Because IT is such an integral part of any product or service offered for sale by a company, it is clear that the efforts in this area are fundamentally important to the firm’s success.

CIOs are no longer the data managers that operate in isolation from the rest of the firm. They are now part of the strategic team that is responsible for the company’s performance. An effective IT strategy has a direct impact on a firm’s revenues, market share, the ability to find new customers, and retain existing ones. The IT function also heavily influences the satisfaction of employees and the ability for an organization to attract stellar performers who are the best in their areas of expertise.

IT efforts also help create brand awareness, improve profit margins by introducing efficiencies, and most of all help an organization maintain its competitive edge.

As the owner of a company that offers Computer Solutions St. Louis companies can count on, I know the importance of IT. My favorite slogan is IT is “it.” Without “it,” having a strategy for robust IT, a company gets lost and easily run over by its competitors.

Computer Solutions St. Louis Companies Need

 I know how busy you are. I am as busy as a one-armed paper hanger too! The difference between your efforts and mine are that I spend all my time helping our clients improve their operations. I worry about things like your network security, triple-redundancy, real-time server backups, and other issues so that you do not have to worry about them as much. My job is to make your job easier.

Imagine a strong storm happens. A tree falls. It cuts a power line. This sends an electrical spark that causes a fire. Your headquarters goes up in flames. In this panic, after you call the emergency response teams to help put the fire out, you call me. It is 4 a.m. on the morning of the day of your biggest online sales event for “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.”

You wake me up. Even I am little groggy, my voice is very reassuring. We have a real-time backup of all your data that is immediately available and within minutes your company is once again functioning online in a normal fashion. In fact, when the servers at your headquarters went offline, the backup servers at another location automatically kicked in and your website worked perfectly during the transition. That is really cool!

You rent some temporary office space, bring in a few computers, inform your staff to report to the temporary location and get a strong internet connection for them to use. You open up a few hours later as if nothing happened. This is the kind of computer solutions St. Louis companies rely upon and why they love working with us.


If your website is down, we are also down (depressed) and nobody likes that kind of a “downer.” This is why we protect your data, just as if it is our own. You have plenty of other things to think about, so why not let us worry about this part of IT support and let us give you the computer solutions St. Louis companies have found to be exceptional.

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