The Revolution of the Image Frame

Posted by John Smith on December 20th, 2016

A photo frame could be an ornamental border for an image, like a painting or photograph, meant to reinforce it, build it easier to show or defend it.
Frame Smile was created with the idea that there ought to be a lot of to image frames than a square piece of wood with a glass cowl. Once you examine the evolution of vehicles or article of clothing you see wonderful changes through time that replicate such a lot concerning culture.

We are tending to still golf stroke image paper in a very low-cost piece of wood

We sat down with our style team and determined that it had been time for a photograph Frame Revolution. The goals of the revolution were easy like as manufacture of family photo frames of the best quality, offer sizes and shapes that cannot be obtained with ancient frames, Use state of the art materials to form effects not possible with ancient materials and build the image look wonderful, every and each time.

The result was wonderful. Distinctive styles mistreatment materials and techniques no one has ever seen before. And that we came up with the craziest of all plans to print photos online with a professional designer. Since we have been providing the most effective image frames cash can purchase, and providing the trade exclusive Look Your Best Guarantee.

Hi-Tech Photo Frames

From the dawn of photography to these days the collage photo frames has not modified. Not like fashion, computers or vehicles the photo frame has remained identical asan uninteresting piece of wood, glass or plastic that contains a photograph written on photo paper. We tend to thought it had been time to alter that, and that is why we tend to developed our line of raised high gloss acrylic crystal image frames.

Raised high gloss acrylic crystal embeds your image graph right into the photo frame. It is set beneath a layer of crystal clear acrylic to form a stunning shine.

In addition to wanting lovely, raised high gloss has the benefits over ancient image frames like embedded image cannot fall out of the frame, image is protected against water and high humidness, image is protected against rips and tears, no carrying or breakable components, permits for distinctive formed images and permits photo to be raised from the frame rather than inserted within the frame.

A raised high gloss acrylic frame is one amongst our preferred varieties, and it is simple to visualize why.  It is sturdy, lovely and distinctive look can last generations.

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