Learn How to Merge Quickbooks Accounts and Add Taxes to Quickbooks Invoices

Posted by quickbookssupport on December 20th, 2016

1. Get Two Similar Small Accounts in QuickBooks Merged Efficiently

Getting two similar accounts in QuickBooks merged can address so many small challenges that you may come across frequently while managing the accounts. It is a permanent procedure that requires some sorts of technical expertise to make it happen instantly without any technical issues. QuickBooks allows you to merge only two types of accounts that appear to be similar in several ways. Both the accounts should share similar characteristics, and the process is applied to only two accounts at a time.

As mentioned earlier, you need to be in touch with an expert who can help you find a real time solution for the issue you are experiencing. In such conditions, you should go to get help on QuickBooks accounts like merging files simply visit QuickBooks enterprise tech support phone help service page and get the technical support from certified technicians by calling QuickBooks Enterprise support center. Read more at https://storify.com/quickbooks2016/get-two-similar-small-accounts-in-quickbooks-merge

2. Adding Tax to QuickBooks Invoices - Learn the Process

When it comes to selling products, you cannot ignore the sales tax. It is obligatory for a business to pay sales tax on every transaction. Every state has its own tax jurisdiction and so the tax rate varies accordingly. To get the process simplified, a businessman should add the tax rate to invoices so that the final statement could show a consolidated figure.

But what if you are QuickBooks as your accountant? It’s simple and convenient as well - QuickBooks offers some inherent tools and applications that you can use to add the tax rate to invoice without any technical hurdle. But you may require some technical tips while adding up sales tax, as it includes some technical steps that you need to implement to ensure a flawless execution.

Though the support services are available in a wide range, you can also visit the QuickBooks Enterprise technical support page to learn how to add tax in QuickBooks invoices and you may also dial QuickBooks Enterprise customer service phone support number or instant online technical assistance. Read more at http://www.scoop.it/t/quickbooks-technical-support-tech-help-800-656-6115/p/4073044745/2016/12/20/adding-tax-to-quickbooks-invoices-learn-the-process

If you are looking for more comprehensive Quickbooks Enterprise support services please visit www.quickbooksenterprise.support to get help and support on merging accounts in Quickbooks Enterprise and adding taxes to Quickbooks invoices both.