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The precision instruments such as the electronic countermeasures have use in def

Posted by ElectronicWarfare on December 20th, 2016

Nuclear research and precision instruments go hand in hand. One cannot do without the other. Any research requires a large number of experiments. Any experiment would require accurate measurements. If the research happens to be as critical as nuclear research, accuracy would not be enough. You would require precision in the measurements. Therefore, the precision electronic instruments such as the Real time spectrum Analyzer, the RF signal generator, etc would assume great significance.

Each of these instruments has its own use in research. We shall examine the use of a couple of these precision instruments during the course of this article. The signals can be in analog or the digital form. You would need a signal generator to generate these repeating or non-repeating electronic signals. They have great use in the testing and the troubleshooting while repairing the electronic or the electrostatic devices.

While repairing and testing the RF microwave designs and applications, you would require the services of the RF signal generator. You can find many types of these RF signal generators. They would be the free running RF signal generators, the synthesized RF signal generators. In today’s times, the latter is more in use.

The RF signal generator has four components in general. These components are the Oscillator, Amplifier, Attenuator, and the Control. The oscillator is the most important component of any RF signal generator. You would require the amplifier for amplifying the output from the oscillator. The function of the attenuator is to ensure the maintenance of an accurate source of impedance. You have to exercise control as well. The processor does this important job of the control.

The precision instruments have a great importance in the defense establishments as well. You might have seen the use of the radar or the sonar detector for detecting the warplanes. This technology can enable the country to detect the planes in the air thereby allowing the missiles to track and destroy them before the enemy inflicts damage.

Today, you have the electronic countermeasures whereby the researchers have designed a device that could deceive the radar or the sonar detection systems. This would enable the warplanes to fly undetected into the enemy territory and finish them. You can also use these countermeasures in a positive manner. However, the main objective of these countermeasures would be to deny the supply of information to the enemy.

You can fit these instruments on ships as well. They have great use in the manufacture of missiles. The missiles have to fly deep into the enemy territory for inflicting damage. In case the enemy is able to detect the same, they would take countermeasures to preempt the attack. Hence, you find the defense establishments fitting these electronic countermeasures on these missiles to avoid detection.

This you have seen the use of the precision instruments for research and in the defense establishments as well. This is the varied use of the precision instruments. You can use such instruments in medical technology as well. The uses would be endless.

Tactical Signals Intelligence is the author of this article on Real Time Spectrum Analyzer. Find more information, about RF Signal Generator here

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