How many types of regular tools one has to have with them?

Posted by lasher on December 21st, 2016

It is well known that these days we need number of tools to manage our day to day equipment.  We cannot run to the service center every now and then even for small repairs.   No wonder every house owner love to maintain his tool kit just in case for emergency.   It need not mean that you should have extensive tool kit at your disposal.  I still remember, when you teach children to handle some of the work to perform independently first under your supervision and then to execute these jobs on their own they will do it with confidence and as they grow up they also gather enough courage to execute works that are complex in nature.  However one should have DIY tools, South Africa to execute simple and useful jobs at home.  Some of the power tools we may require for household use are screw driver, chisel, measuring tape, cutting player, leveler, and knife, different types of hammers, Patty knives and combination square to mention few of them. 

Let us see how many types of DIY tools we require? They depend upon our interest and curiosity and work loving or project loving nature.  Some people are very curious and they love to try their hands on all those things they can manage alone all by themselves. While these people love to do it all independently there are other groups who never wish to do anything on their own.  However, this article is not for them.  It is only for the people who are active and who wish to perform everything they can carry out under DIY project.

Watch out your home, how many types of furniture you find, how many types of things that may need simple mending to make them work smoothly?  Have you ever observed that?  You will come to know how to buy tools if you have observed.  Let me count, you need power tools, garage tools, garden tools, kitchen tools, electrical tools, and regular or commonly used tools.  Don’t you think I forgot plumbing tools like wrench and claw hammer?

Take for example knife.  A simple knife has many uses.  But all knives are not same; they are made to meet specific purpose.  Therefore, it is necessary to focus your attention on buying those tools which you use regularly which you deemed to be fit to have a place in your tool kit.  Similarly, even a simple screw driver has multiple functions, and you can get tester with the screw driver as well.  They are available in plenty of sizes and varieties.  Before you spend your hard earned money make a list of things that are necessary for day to day management.  Then go for it.  Buy only quality products, since they need to be there for coming many years.  They appear very simple, yet very useful.  Even though most works are highly basic and easy to do it for yourself; none the less they require perfect tool kit to execute them with perfection.  I think you agree with me. 

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