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Posted by lawrence buxton on December 21st, 2016

Parenting in this modern world is a challenge in itself. It is something easier said than done. Often it happens that our in-laws or relatives criticize the way we raise our children and, obviously, we don’t like it. The common feeling is, ‘what do they know about the problems we face while we are raising our children’? Or we start comparing our ways with the parenting they gave to their child.

In earlier times, it was the father who had to deal with the financial needs of the family and the mother was responsible for the proper upbringing of the children. This ratio has changed a lot in the past few decades. Today both mother and father have to work and support the upbringing of a child financially. To survive the economic and financial conditions in the country, it has become necessary that both parents are working and it means limited or no family time especially with children.

One of the major challenges faced in modern parenting is raising kids to be successful people in future. Parents find it difficult to manage both family and work, especially with the kids around. Challenges grow as the kids grow. The liberal standard of society today with its radical shift in values, attitudes, and changing lifestyles has made both parents and children flounder in the sea of uncertainty. Erosion of authority, fragmented families, broken marriages and unsafe neighborhoods are causing an increase in mental and behavioral disorders, suicide, drug and alcohol addictions. In such scenarios, a balanced approach by parents becomes a necessity.

Most parents find it difficult to manage both the worlds, professional and personal, as they are also humans. Thus, nowadays, instead of experimenting with various scenarios it is advisable for parents to look for the best modern parenting magazine and other media options through which they can understand their child and his or her thought process. Unlike older days, children today have become more aware of various things which actually confuse them and their irritation from such confusion can be seen in their behavior. Though they may be physically mature, they are emotionally immature and don’t know how to handle their feelings. This makes them vulnerable to abuse. The transition between childhood to adulthood is a turbulent period marked by restlessness and eagerness to live one’s life on one’s own terms.

The responsibility of parenting in this technologically driven era is pretty overwhelming. There is no substitute for parental love and leadership. Thus, one should take advantage of parenting guides and magazines to become a good parent.

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