Natural Parenting Children?s Magazines Recommend Meditation for Healthy Parentin

Posted by lawrence buxton on December 21st, 2016

Parenting is a tough job that demands a great deal of sacrifices, hard work and unending commitment. As parents we are always on our toes and have to be ready at anytime during the day or night for any kind of emotional meltdown or support. It is a 24 hour relentless job that can wear down even the most robust souls.

Natural parenting children’s magazines have considered meditation as a powerful tool that can help parents to de-stress and lead a healthy life. Meditation works like a natural antidepressant and elevates the levels of joy and happiness in our lives. And when parents regularly practice meditation, they are in a good state of mind which helps them to focus on their children more.   

Now let us first address the most common query. What is meditation?

Meditation is a process of achieving a state of mind where we stop concentrating on the past and current events or future apprehensions and settle the never-ending inner dialogue that flows through our minds.  

How meditation can help parents?

Meditation invokes the highest level of consciousness and augments the parent’s repository of awareness, peace, wisdom, and intuition.

It helps parents to practice non-reactivity. There are loads of unnecessary distractions in a parent’s life. They have to undergo immense mental stress, physical pressure and thus meditation becomes the platform to get rid of stress and achieve inner peace.

It stimulates the inner silent observer and by connecting with the silent observer, father and mother evolve their relationship entirely on a different level.

It helps parents to pause and listen. Meditation has the power that gives you a deep understanding about your own self and makes you capable of utilizing the energy in a more effective manner.

Parents sometimes fall prey to the predefined roles that make them follow their ancestral footsteps or diverse cultural norms. Meditation provides awareness and parents work towards family peace and joy in any given situation. Eventually, kids get a peaceful atmosphere where they can live, grow and flourish.

Meditation helps to gain understanding about the little one who falls to the floor screaming when told that he cannot have his friend’s toy. It helps you to feel empathy for the toddler at home who sometimes accidentally deletes a project that you have been working on. It gives you patience which is very much needed when we are dealing with kids.

It teaches parents compassion that is fundamental to mindful parenting. Meditate daily and witness the difference in your parenting style.  

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