What is the importance of solar powered automatic gate opener?

Posted by Solar gate System on December 22nd, 2016

Global warming and ozone layer depletion are hitting the news most of the times. A lot many steps have been taken by the Government to safeguard the planet earth and to motivate the citizens towards adopting greener ways. Manufacturing companies keep on making interesting additions to their products so that they become viable and environment friendly. To benefit the society and our planet earth, you can go for the solar power gates.

Solar power gate is made in a way that it can withstand different climatic conditions. Here the solar energy is being collected between 10 am to 2pm in the afternoon and is stored in the battery. The collection of sun’s rays is made through the solar panel which converts the energy of sun into electrical energy. So, the stored energy in the battery is used to run the gates even when the weather is cloudy and there is no trace of sunlight. The door opener run by solar energy may be installed easily in the property.

Solar powered automatic gate opener can be installed into the property with ease and may be used to open iron gates, wooden gates or the piped ones. So, from a distance, one can open the gate without any effort. It does not matter how far the person is from the gate. With the aid of solar panel, you can operate different kinds of gates. With the automatic gate opener, you just have to touch the remote or the keypad and the gate opens automatically. One can also operate the remote from the car.

Solar powered automatic gate openers can operate during the night as well. Solar panel can store free energy or sun’s rays available from nature. Once you charge the battery with the rays of the sun trapped in solar panels, solar automatic gate openers can open or close the gate for around 100-110 cycles. In case, the gate is double door, the door will open automatically for 50-60 times. If the power is not consumed, it will be stored in the battery itself to be used later. So, after the gate is opened, the battery takes just 4-5 minutes to restore the power.

Solar power gate opener can be used in garage areas, farms and ranches. This is so because the gate can be opened and closed even from great distances. The operation of such gates is extremely convenient and suitable for heavy vehicles. Drivers who do not want to get down from the vehicle can find the automatic door opener much convenient.

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