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Gamasutra caught up with designer Amir Rao and his team to talk about runescape gold sell what inspired them to start an independent studio and what they're trying to accomplish with their game.What background do you have making games?Istarted by making pen

and paper games ? I was a huge D&D fan and still am. When I was twelve, I wrote a letter to Gary Gygax about the rules modifications I make in my D&D campaigns and when he responded in an encouraging manner he pretty much sealed

my fate to game design. After I graduated with my lit major (to enhance my Dungeon Mastering of course), I went straight into the game industry.I was a designer at EALA on the Command & Conquer games for three years. Most of my time

was spent putting together single-player levels for the campaign mode, fiddling around in the WorldBuilder tool we used there trying to make dramatic fights with little men.I really loved my team there but watching what people like The

Behemoth, 2D Boy, Twisted Pixel, Jon Blow and others were able to do with small, independent teams really inspired us to strike out on our own. I quit the company with Gavin Simon and we moved into a house together in the Bay Area in

September 2009 to form Supergiant Games and start working on Bastion. What development tools did you use?For Bastion, we made our own tools and engine started by Gavin in C# and recently expanded to consoles by our newest friend to join

us, Andrew Wang, who came to us from Infinity Ward. We do all our scripting, audio hookups, level design and lighting in our custom editor. The game is in the isometric perspective like our RTS games were, so I still spend a lot of my

time moving little guys around a screen. But the end result is very different.How long has your team been working on the game?We've been working on Bastion for 17 months now. We started in September 2009 and will release this summer.How

did you come up with the concept for Bastion and why did you choose to do an action RPG?The concept for Bastion was extremely minimal and Old School rs gold the parts that actually make it special evolved over nine months of prototyping. The original seed

was based on our love for RPG towns: those moments of downtime, commerce,RS Gold and preparation in between all the action elements. We thought it might foster more attachment to that kind of a place if we allowed you to construct it yourself.

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