Here?s Your Guide To Find Solution For Flooded Basement

Posted by paporidesouza on December 23rd, 2016

Water seepage is a common problem which occurs in almost every basement. The problem becomes even worse if you have any living space in the basement. Wet basement could create a lot of nuisance for your home.

Here are some of them which you would definitely like to avoid.

The house smells terrible due to accumulation of black mold in basement and other unwanted creatures which are contagious to human health.

Wet basement could harm walls and floors of the house. And if the condition is severe, it could also damage your floor.

And most importantly, due to the collective adverse effects of wet basement it could decrease the value of your house substantially.

Hence, it is really important to cure the problem of wet basement. Water or moisture in the basement basically comes from two known sources.

One is indoor humidity in which moisture condenses and keeps on accumulating on the surface slowly. The other is outdoor source of water or water vapor. It normally happens during the rainy season, storm or after the snowfall when water around the house saturates in the soil and slowly seeps into the basement. It may also happen due to leakage in plumbing and drainage or sewage pipes.

Whatever may be the reason, here are some tips and strategies you need to follow to check the problem of moisture in the basement of your house.

Mend Gaps

Get the gaps plugged if the water is coming out from plumbing or drainage pipes. Also, check if the water is coming through the walls or floors or not. If the seepage is from within, then the problem could be underground or behind the walls.

Repair Footing Drains

If water is saturated at the lower levels of the walls where it is meeting the floors, then the problem could be due to the hydrostatic pressure.

In this case, you need to check footing drains and underground pipes. Ensure to clean the clogged drains and repair the pipe if there is any leakage.

Make Walls Waterproof

You would require a French drain which would relieve the existing hydrostatic pressure and ensure the external waterproofing of the walls.

It could be a cumbersome task as one needs to do the excavation work around the house, but it is one of the best solution for flooded basement.

Try these tips to ensure your basement stays in the best shape.

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