Women in Camouflage, A New Venture of the Fashion Industry

Posted by tanyahushe47 on December 26th, 2016

August 18, 1920, women got their right to vote. Now, articles about gender equality are spread far and wide in the internet. Women now do jobs only men were supposed to do. But does it end there? No, it does not. Women can be hunters now. A new trend, I suppose.  And of course, a woman hunter need hunting apparel and what more to choose than Camouflage Apparels. Fashion has been a part of women`s lifestyle long as you could remember, and with this new trend, it is sure to result in dramatic changes in how women change their clothes (Which is a lot, have you ever seen a woman change? That thing takes years to finish, or I could just be exaggerating but still.)

And many companies have now made their way to creating these very apparels and clothing designs we are blabbering about. In which, a company named http://www.camowoman.com has now took the lead in the creation of women`s camouflage accessories, from camo pajamas to camo boots and hats, they got them all.

What examples are there for these fashion fanatics out there? Take a look at this list your authors have specially made for you.

  • Pink Camo - What`s more beautiful and graceful than a woman wearing a camouflage dress? A woman wearing a pink camouflage dress. Pink is one to reflect feminity, except men are much better looking when they wear it, (don`t take my word for it, take a researcher`s ).
  • Camo Pajamas, Camo Shirts and Camo Pants - Let your masculinity out (even if you’re a feline, ehm, feminine) with camouflage PJs, Shirts and Pants and men will crowd after you with roses and chocolates.
  • Camo Coats and Camo Jackets - Women of today often wears blazers and surplice neckline coats. Want a better alternative, try Camouflage Coats and Jackets and you surely will earn a `Maam, Yes, Maam` for every task you command.
  • Camo Boots and Camo Hats - It`s Deer season, and what better to do than hunting. But a trek through those mountains is sure to give you some injuries, so why not wear Camouflage Boots and Hats to protect yourself from the elements, or the dear’s ever suspicious eyes.

These are only some of the examples of what Camouflage for women are. They may not be what you need, but you sure may want them for their fashion sense. They may cost you a bit of money, that`s for sure, but don`t we all spend money for clothes. It may just be a new trend, even newer trends will be available, but it`s better to go with the flow than to wait for the flow to reach the end before you start to catch up.  That is all. Happy Hunting, Camo Woman.

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