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Posted by MariaJohnson on December 26th, 2016

Starting out as a cotton packed futon thousands of years ago, platform beds have evolved to mean any bed that does not require a box spring. The mattress just lies upon a platform or a series of slats that support it. Just get a platform bed mattress and put it on the bed frame. This not only results in economical designs, it also allows the freedom for some very creative beds. The strength and flexibility of metal provides a great material for which to create a wide variety of platform beds.

One of the major advantages of all platform beds, including those made of metal, is the efficient use of space. They always offer additional storage under the bed, be it simply open space or a more sophisticated storage system. Some beds, in addition to the storage space underneath, offer a bookcase style headboard that provides a lot more room to keep things. They are great for getting a lot of things into a small space and making use of every inch you have.

Metal platform beds vary from the very basic, minimalist look of a raised futon, to sleek postmodern designs, rivaling anything you'll see in a museum. These days metal platform beds can duplicate the look of a traditional bed, up to and including posts and a canopy, while being less expensive and offering additional space. You can find a metal platform bed with just about any look you have in mind. And lots of designs that you never imagined.

Modern etal platform beds offer a variety of sophisticated finished metal looks. From gunmetal gray to copper to eggshell white or midnight black, the appearance of the bed can complement the decor in the room. Powder coated metal provides that great sophisticated look while being durable and scratch resistant. There's no doubt that metal can provide the sleekest looks in bed design. The strength of metal combined with its lightness allow designers to come up with some amazing beds. From the casual contemporary feel with simple clean lines to a state-of-the-art bed that appears to float and defy gravity, there is something for every taste and budget. There are beds that look like fine wooden furniture even though they are metal, and there are plain tube beds that merely serve as a place to sleep.

For a lot of people, a large variety of design possibilities is an advantage because it allows them to fit their new platform bed into their existing bedroom decor, no matter what the style.

Platform beds also lend themselves to easy customization so that you could have a bed that fits your unique requirements. Of course, you have to make sure that you can find the mattress that'll fit the bed.

Your children's room is also a good spot for a platform bed. They can certainly use the extra storage space, and there's no box spring sag from them jumping on it. The flexibility in design and size are a benefit here as well. Lots of children's platform beds come with extra storage areas.

One more big advantage of metal platform beds – they save trees.

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