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Posted by luka chan on December 27th, 2016

Prayer is sometimes an automatic reaction of people on certain situations when they wish for particular things to come true. And sometimes, people deliberately pray to God to request to make certain things happen. Prayers have always been seen related to religion and spirituality. They are said to have positive effect on those who pray. How effective are these prayers? Are all the wishes granted that are made during prayers? How does God manage to fulfill prayers of so many people at one time? Or what does God do when we pray for something? These are the questions that have always prevailed, and you must also have wondered about one of these questions. Research on consciousness and prayer has always fascinated researchers and people interested in spirituality.
Some researchers connect the mechanism of prayer with science while others reckon it unethical to relate science and prayers and fear the explosive outcomes. There have been scientists like Werner Heisenberg who have given one of the theories of quantum physics, according to him a particle or an object becomes relevant if we observe it. If we see the world then it exists but what if we close our eyes and cannot see the world? In the same way, if we believe in prayers that they are being directed at one point to fulfill certain objectives, they eventually work and we feel micro effects of prayer. Some early researches explains that the prayer has power to change the person who prays and that’s why it seems working in the same direction.
If you pray regularly or don’t pray at all, you must have experienced wishing for something to happen out of nowhere or as a miracle sometimes. It can be for the well-being of a beloved person or for just a pleasant weather to complete your intended work. If you are also seeking an answer for all such questions boggling your mind, you should get yourself engaged in some good books by authors who also intend to find answers to these questions. You can buy the book ‘A Journey Into Prayer’ online, in which the author Bill Sweet has explored the adventures of Bruce and John Klingbeil when they decided to figure out scientific ways to test prayer and their effects. You can also read through the readers’ reviews before you go ahead to buy this book to have an insight into the content.
About The Author: The author is a web blogger. The above article is about research on consciousness and prayer and different theories.
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