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Reference: V7632522|BC46|156S|V20DSA.2
CASE: Titanium
STRAP: Rubber
DIAMETER: 51.00 mm
Case Thickness: 21.60 mm
Dial: Volcano Black
Mechanism: Quartz
Caliber: Breitling 76
Clasp: Pushbutton folding clasp
GLASS: Sapphire
SIZE: men

Breitling Professional Emergency II

Imagine yourself walking on the Andes if you like. Your companions have taken nasty plunge and injuries. You are isolated, simple, no cell phone signal - you urgently need help, what would you do? If you are smart enough to buy Breitling emergency, help will soon be on its way. The emergency is a watch one - we do not have other manufacturers who make an integrated personal positioner bundle (PLB) watch.

 You may already be familiar with the original emergency, which was first introduced in 1995 as a watch that transmits at a simulated 121.5MHz international distress frequency. A lot of change in 20 years, technology has been significant progress. Emergency is also used 406MHz frequency, through the COSPAS-SARSAT system works, with a series of satellite tracking distress signal. In fact, this system was used to rescue the average of five people a day. Breitling, therefore, went back to the drawing board for the new emergency and the revised version has been completely remodeled to bring it to modern standards.replica Breitling Professional EMERGENCY V7632522|BC46|156S|V20DSA.2 Watches

 From the exterior point of view, the new emergency is no different from the original emergency, the dial on the dual LCD readings and six o'clock transmitter housing still exists. However, this is a more ambitious watch, with the case now measured diameter 51 mm. This is to accommodate the new launcher and battery system that I will come back soon. Although it looks like a muscle under its weight, it feels like a lightweight. Titanium has been used for the case and strap, stainless steel compared to provide superior strength, while also being the third lighter. Perfect, I am sure you will agree, for the brave explorer. The watch has three dial variants (black, orange and yellow) with the Titanium bracelet I've already mentioned and the choice of rubber strap. One of my personal favorites is a version of "Night Mission" on a black titanium watch, which actually adds a military look and feel. Timing is provided by Breitling's Precise Impossible Motion SuperQuartz, and you'll have too many features (including stopwatch and dual time zone features) to keep your tracks on

 replica AUDEMARS PIGUET WATCHES.Let us focus on this emergency, PLB's really smart. Typically, a PLB will be hand-held equipment - a hundred years has been able to miniaturize the point that can be worn on the wrist. Although it is housed in the same case, it is completely independent of the timing part of the watch. The transmitter is now transmitting frequencies at two frequencies: 406MHz, and the frequency of transmission of 121.5MHz is communicated to the Cosas search and rescue satellite and homing beacon. Power supply, which is a high-tech rechargeable battery, a kind of first Breitling. As long as you recharge it at least once every two months (using the charger with the seat), Breitling will ensure the continuous transmission of PLB 18 hours, and if the watch is set correctly, should be sufficient time to rescue you to emergency services. This really can make the difference between life and death - in fact, 20 life has been saved using Breitling emergency, not to mention the use of watches a number of undocumented military aid.

 So you come back in the Andes, and you need to be saved. To activate the PLB, you need to take a watch off your wrist and place it on a non-conductive surface in the vertical position of the antenna. It should also be placed in an area visible with as much sky as possible. You unscrew the radome to release it, and then pull the antenna out on both sides until the cap comes off - this will activate the lighthouse and begin sending two frequencies. Keep the tentacles clear from the ground and water, minibus will work at its best level.replica TAG HEUER CARRERA WATCHES

Since the emergency is a minibus, each one has a unique identification number, which, when registered, is linked to the owner of the watch (found on the back of the watch). The details you provide will call the rescue team's first port, so it is absolutely essential that these are complete and accurate - it may just make the difference between life and death! By the same token, the watch is not a toy, and any abuse in the beacon can cause the owner to be fined and accountable for the use of emergency services - the owner assumes full responsibility.

 Emergency, very simple, is in their own league in what conditions it can do. For modern adventurers, it is an indispensable tool. This is the kind of watch that we hope you will never use, but if the situation arises, it may just save your life. If you are interested in seeing this watch in the flesh, speak to one of our Breitling wholesalers, one of our emergency training


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