Know More about Skylight Safety and Poisoning

Posted by Linda Hudson on December 27th, 2016

Natural light lifts spirits, creates spaces appear larger, as well as reveals our world in its true shades. Further, then its aesthetic charm, it also lessens eyestrain, upturns our productivity and reduces electricity consumption. Skylights are obtainable in a variety of sizes that would easily integrate into your ceiling as well as roofing construction. Bringing together more natural light into your household from one or more skylights would make your rooms feel more spacious, sprawling and more beautiful. The upsurge in natural light can help lessening your overall energy prices. Skylights that open up could also offer ventilation in rooms that might not be well-ventilate.


Skylights should be located wherein the sun can shine on them straight. A skylight foe does not create a useful extent of daylight if adjacent structures or foliage cover it. In the same way, skylights are not valuable in zones that have thick cloud cover for a substantial period. In single-floor buildings, skylights might provide a huge fraction of illumination necessities. Sunlight is so intense that skylights can offer virtually any lighting level that is necessary. Some agencies specialize in skylights. You can even get them custom made-up. Skylights are usually made from glass, crystal compounds, plastics and plastic composites. All these supplies can be treated to lessen light transmission as well as cooling load, either by adding colors that absorb light or by adding a reflective surface. The benefits of glass consist of infinite life, high light broadcast, hardness, and rigidity.

Handle with Care

The main drawback of glass is its susceptibility to breakage, along with the skylight safety hazard that falling glass makes. Glass can be made more resilient to cracking by increasing its width, by heat-treating it, and by merging it with reinforcing resources. All safety enhancements for glass add price and they add weight. Plastic materials are a lot lighter in weight, and they are resilient to shattering, so they pose only a negligible safety hazard. If you discover the room gets too hot in the evening, only fit a set of Venetian blinds or other adaptable window casing over the skylight opening.

At the time of fixing a skylight make sure that you always get edges of lights wrapped very well with silicon to make sure no seepage of rain water and the skylight should have an appropriate slope and should not be flat to ensure good drainage of water.

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