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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Student loans prove to be very beneficial for those students who would like to pursue their dream careers but don?t have the money at that time. The student will repay the loan in installments after he finishes his course and secures his first job. Student loans today are available from almost all recognized banks and financial institutions at extremely affordable interest rates. This is because the deserving students are encouraged to pursue their careers and achieve success in life. Hopefully, they will become a valuable resource for their homeland country. At the very least, they will not be a drag on their country?s economy.

Student loans are generally issued by government organizations so as private organizations that are profit-oriented may not benefit much from them due to lower interest rates. The types of loans and the rates of interest differ from country to country, but they all have a common aim. The types of student loans and the terms of the loans vary. In the paragraphs that follow, we will just provide you a gist of the types and terms of student loans in some countries.

In Australia, students are able to pay their university course fees through schemes like Higher Education Contribution Scheme also known as HECS. The selection of the candidates to make them eligible for the loan is done on the basis of scores achieved by the students in their secondary school examinations. The HECS fees are subsidized by the Australian Government and are cheaper than other fee paying options.

In Canada, students can opt for loans provided by the federal government. Also loans are also provided by their residential province. The loans are available at comparatively cheaper rates than other loans and also carry additional grants. Students can apply for the loans through their residential province. There are also loans available through institutions like the Canada Students Loans which provides for loans up to a maximum of $165 per week for full time study. Low interest loans can also be applied for from Canadian Banks.

In countries like Germany, higher education is provided free of charge in many German Universities. German Universities provide free loans to deserving students whose families can?t afford higher education. In Ireland, third level tuition fees has been made free since 1997, and for other student studies, interest-free or cut-rate loans are provided by banks to students. In countries like India, loans for students to pursue their studies either in India or abroad are provided by nationalized banks at low interest rates.

Hence, we conclude that most of the developed and developing countries are in favor of providing low-interest or interest-free loans with options to pay in installments after the student?s studies are completed and they get a job. Every country would like to see their students prosper at a professional level and contribute towards the GDP and the overall positive development of the nation in whatever way they can. In fact, many universities now grant scholarships to deserving students for various courses as they firmly believe that students should not be deprived of an education just for a few hundred dollars. Their progress cannot be hampered ? and the risks for the countries supplying the loans is manageable.

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