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Posted by Ootybookings on December 28th, 2016

If there is some dessert that most of them celebrate on Diwali, Navaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi and Ramadan Iftar or probably even without reason without a doubt, it is this universal dessert that is not only favorite for India platters but also Asian and the Middle East.  Yes! it is this special halwa 'Pride of Tirunelveli' this special halwa which is a richer intensively soaked with pure ghee and sparked with cashew nuts when compared to the  other Halva's in town.

Halwa from Tirunelveli cannot be duplicated from anywhere else because of the unique resources of the water which goes into the making of the halwa. The Thamirabarani river from here is believed it has got traces of copper and it is this they use for cooking. The soil, the chef, the city so many things are part and parcel of this mouth lingering dessert.

There are plenty of Halwa's in market but this Special Halwa is quite famous for it's rich and  for it's nuttier version when it is compared with the Tirunelveli halwa topped with cardamom. Prepared with strict traditional kinda bonding method passed down to generations. Though it is really rich even today at Tirunelveli it is cooked in massive quantity with the traditional way of placing terracotta or copper pots over firewood and bricks but as the time passes by there are few enterprises come out with the new technique of mixing with the help technology to reduce the manpower. Halwa's from Tirunelveli stands out in the crowd even now because they use preservative ingredients specially  unadulterated ghee, probably it is the ghee that makes us feel the feast.

I used to haul myself when im out for shopping in the market or travel outside to buy something, also it is and double expense of shopping for the product and our travel expenses and thats the time i personally thank to the techs  team who is out with  online business. God lord! it is so easy and nice to shop online for your favorite food, it just simply cut of many expenses, we can have a bird watch of the amount we shop for and end of the day we got the dessert on our hand within a week as fresh as it is with many discounts and diversity all the way from the original manufacture. Most of all SAVING TIME and doing all this relaxed from our couch!  The only issue with online shopping , especially with it comes to Tirunelveli Halwa it is toooo irresistible and so the order count goes unlimited.

Gear up folks to order online from a busy retailer for a fresh, straight from the Kitchen, more precisely from  Tirunelveli for the 'Special Halwa' by cutting down a large proportion of quailty time and money rather add that amount and shop for the yummest Tirunelveli special Halwa in town!

Say good bye to the junky fancy sweets for a happier life and start getting addicted to something yummy, mouth watery and healthy.

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