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Posted by Pamela Williams on December 28th, 2016

Gemstones usually refer to minerals or rocks that have been cut and polished so as to bring out their natural beauty. Over the time, gemstones have also been fashioned from organic materials like coral, amber, pearls, and ivory. A growing craze among men and women alike, gemstones are used both for fashion as well as for their astrological benefits. Gemstones set in jewelry make for stunning and luxurious jewels that can definitely make heads turn.  

While many gem-lovers have indulged themselves in the joy of owning diamonds, ruby, emerald, and sapphires, many have not yet discovered equally rare and fine gems such as Tsavorite. Still relatively unknown to the gem-buying public, Tsavorite garnet jewelry presents an exclusive and exciting opportunity as they are little known and their prices are still relatively low compared with the “big 4”. This will not always be the case as the charms of this beautiful gemstone are quickly becoming known to jewelers around the world who are marketing it to their clients, creating a pull effect through the market which will eventually push up their cost.

Tsavorite is an exciting gem for a number of reasons. From the cruel African bushlands alongside the Kenyan and Tanzanian border comes the shiny green Tsavorite. Close to the world famous Tsavo Nationwide Park among the habitat of wild animals, only a few mines are producing these dazzlingly beautiful gemstones today. Tsavorite was given its name together by Campbell Bridges and the previous president of Tiffany and Co., Henry Platt had been following the development of this gemstone from its initial discovery, and in honor of the Tsavo Nationwide Park with the Tsavo River flowing through it. Soon gemstone specialists began to take special notice of these gemstones of astonishing beauty and high transparency.

Tsavorite is an example of the fact that even nowadays, it is still possible for new gemstones to emerge onto the market. It offers a brighter green radiance and lends itself best to be used for added brilliance. This stone is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy a green gemstone with added durability and a bright, sparkling stone. It exudes a brilliance and life that isn’t typically seen in an emerald, at a far more affordable price.

Tsavorite offers beautiful green that can be set alone, worn with diamonds, used as a striking centerpiece or included in pave settings along the band of the ring. This gemstone looks spectacular in engagement ring designs, be it classic or truly unique.

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