What are the specialized plastic surgery hospitals in Korea?

Posted by richitalee on December 30th, 2016

The specialty of grand plastic surgery hospital has been nine specialized treatments in medical area. The special medical care has available are the plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, physician, dermatologist and dentist. The Grand Plastic Surgery was shared the expertise among four specialized branches. This hospital was established as the main plastic surgery in Korea and implemented by the best medical team & system. Many services are provided to the patients are Eyes, Nose, Anti-aging, Breast, Body contouring, Facial contouring and Facial graft. These are best services will promote to the patients. Then the special beauty medical group was Wonjin Plastic Surgery in Seoul. Each field is ready to provide a variety of treatments with 40 years of clinical experience. The exclusive anesthesiology can use high quality of anesthetic drug and equipment authorized by Korea. Before the surgery has been analyzed the examination system such as X-ray and 3D CT. Then the next generation of safety system is in safe surgery with a well experienced doctor and safe aseptic operation room. Finally, they will promote to satisfaction and care of surgery for the minimal recovery time

What is Ptosis correction?

There are many patients’ wants to make for looking eyes larger than doing double eyelid corrections. In case of this correction will conduct the method of Ptosis correction. This Ptosis Correction is the type of Blepharoplasty, which create an incision line along the surface of correct eyelids size and shape. This procedure is performed by the correction of thick eyelids with the excessive adipose tissues. It is highly recommended for promoting covers the upper eyelids and looking for tired eyes with half open. While these specialized Ptosis correction can provide to the JK Plastic Surgery customized consultation with the certification on board specialized. In Korea, the best medical system is offered by participating both international and domestic medical conferences. It provides premium 1 stop service is to cover the customer needs and 1st priority of safety system is 1 percent in Gangnam. For more information visit here: http://jyclinic-en.com/

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