How your teeth change as you age?

Posted by Divya Raut on January 2nd, 2017

There is no alternative to proper oral care. Right from your childhood to old age, good proper oral care pays you a good set of teeth and healthy gums. With growing age and type of lifestyle you live your teeth might get wear and tear. The team of dental experts at Khullar’s dental clinic advises the following rules that can help you have a healthy smile.

Reduce the worn off

Teeth are very strong and with growing age one might suffer from wear and tear. We tend to eat food that is hard, sticky and crunchy that usually takes away the enamel of the teeth. By meeting the renowned dentists in Gurgaon you can reduce this worn off and keep your teeth healthy. Avoid eating food that can chip your teeth or cause damage to them. Avoid drinking fizzy drinks as it takes away the enamel of the teeth and drink juices that have no added sugar to further keep your teeth away from the decays and infections.

Have healthy gums

Follow good oral routine and have healthy gums. Clean your teeth properly using appropriate brushing techniques so that your teeth stay away from plaque. The deposition of plaque results in the formation of tartar that can cause permanent damage to the teeth and also can cause swelling and bleeding in the gums. If this is left untreated then you might need a tooth extraction or a root canal treatment.

Signs that depict that your teeth are aging

Swollen gums

Frequent bleeding from the gums

Loose teeth

Bad breath

Receding of gums

Chipping of teeth on regular basis

Dark color of teeth

Stained teeth

The dentists advises to brush teeth twice everyday using a fluoride tooth paste and visit your dentist regularly for clean-ups and follow ups.

Also, it is advised not to dry up the mouth as saliva plays an important role in keeping the teeth away from infections. So, as the age grows there are chances that your mouth might try up and increase the chances of getting decayed teeth. Drink lots and lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Practice good oral routine and speak to your dentist for any problem that you face so that the treatment can be given at the earliest. Also, you must increase the number of professional clean ups so that there is no formation of plaque and your mouth remains healthy.


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