Coil of High Frequency PVC Welding Machine

Posted by davisonmachinery on January 2nd, 2017

Welding components are high-frequency welding induction coil, induction coil made of hollow copper tube, cross-section is round or square. Welding the middle of the cooling water, in order to guide the heat away from the High Frequency PVC Welding Machine, to avoid burning copper. Induction loop often made with both ends of the ring and upward tilt, the middle of the structure to stay narrow, so that energy concentrated in the middle, tilted at both ends to avoid affecting the other adjacent teeth.

High-frequency welding machine is based on the principle of linear current magnetic field formation, in the narrow line of narrow concentration of the most intensive magnetic field lines, magnetic lines through the conductor, the current should be generated, the conductor itself has resistance, thus making electricity into heat, heating conductor. Induction coil connected to the high-frequency power supply, the induction is also a high-frequency alternating magnetic field. The higher the frequency of high-frequency current, the more intensive the current in the conductor surface, so high-frequency heating surface temperature rises quickly, often a few seconds to dozens of seconds to make the solder temperature to achieve the required welding temperature.

High Frequency Welding Machine induction coil gap produced the most intensive magnetic field lines, the narrower gap, the more concentrated energy, equipment, the higher the efficiency, the faster the temperature. General saw welding used high-frequency welding machine power of 10 ~ 30kVA, oscillation frequency of 20 ~ 150kHz. Welding process, due to induction loop and sawtooth gap is very small, so pay attention to adjust the position to avoid the induction coil and the base and jagged contact with the other sides of the gap is consistent, otherwise it will cause side of the heat, while the temperature phenomenon.

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