Planning To Buy Motorhome? Know Whether You Need a Class B Or Class C

Posted by justin copper on January 4th, 2017

Before you get confused with the many options that are available out there when buying an RV, you should know the two main kinds of motorhomes that you can choose from.

1. Class B motorhomes
Mostly, these resemble an over-sized van and are commonly known as camper vans. When you buy an RV of this kind, you would have enough room to stand as the ceiling is comfortably high. However, the overall space is small; complete with a small kitchenette, living room and a bathroom in which the toilet and shower are usually combined. Basically, the class B motorhomes are the smallest in size which makes them the easiest to drive with the best for fuel economy.
Another great aspect about these camper vans is that you don’t usually face any problems with parking because of their size. There isn’t too much room for storage so you don’t need to carry anything useless. You should buy a class B if ease of use and fuel efficiency are on your priority list or you prefer to travel alone most of the time.

2. Class C motorhomes
These are usually built with cabin chassis and have an overcab sleeping area. Also, it is loaded with several facilities, is much larger in size and can accommodate up to eight people! So, if you are traveling with a group of friends, you should buy motorhome of this kind.
Most of the models come with six seats with seatbelts, two slide outs and all the amenities that are needed to keep a larger group comfortable when traveling. The beds are a combination of queen-size and double size, the kitchen and bathroom are more spacious and certain models are also able to tow a separate car. In terms of towing capacity, it is a whopping 3,500 lbs.
The class C models also have better storage for water and waste and that makes these very comfortable options for long vacations and family trips. The ceiling is much higher than a class B.

3. The B+
These are a class B and class C hybrid. Their mileage is better than the class C models while the size and internal space is more than that of class B models. Usually, they are limited to a length of 30 feet. They are built on a truck chassis.

So make your choice depending on your requirement.

About The Author: The author is a blogger. This article talks about the two main kinds of motorhomes to know about before you buy an RV.
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