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Posted by nash john on January 5th, 2017

First up, you'll need to know how to Buy cheap runescape 3 gold get around.The Minimap is the adventurer's best friend. As well as showing you the surrounding area, it has two essential functions:Home Teleport: This returns you to any lodestone (circular stone plinths found in most major cities) that you've visited and activated. Note that this can't be done during combat, though.

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World Map: The best way to find your next adventure. Click the World Map button, then use the filtering options on the left of the World Map interface to find the type of Buy Runescape Gold content you're most interested in.

They spawned where they were supposed to. This event was similar to battle Royale or hunger games. The map is quite huge, even for 2k players and it would feel even bigger with less players since this was an elimination event, so the game wanted to force people to go into X area by telling them than in X time a deadly fog (AoE that covers the entire map except the "safe zone") that would deal damage over time and increase damage the more time you spent in it.

runescape fog

I personally think that the fog dealt too much damage, but apparetly the actual issue is that someone in this world class tournament of a game pretty much 15 years old and activated the fog together with the warning time left before the fog appeared. So no one had any idea of what was going on until it was too late and the guys that survived the fog were in the safe area by absolute accident.

"15 mins into the shrinking, the pre-final warning comes up, this has a 10 minute countdown timer warning players that if they don’t enter the final area (through the magical barrier) they will be eliminated by the fog.".There was no 10 minute countdown timer displayed for the players, but instead after the pre-final warning the fog starting hitting after 2 seconds.

It even says the word "Soon" in the warning that was given."Warning: players outside of the final area will soon be eliminated by the fog!"By soon they didn't mean 2 seconds. This was Jegex's fault and not the players.If you were somehow in the tournament. You would have died too making yourself a moron by your own ideology.If there were people wouldn't be playing OSRS. Runescape is the only surviving game to have risk, such as loosing items on death, which can take months getting, it also has a unique PVP zone called the wilderness. Currently there isn't any other MMO currently other than OSRS that has that.Most MMOs have started following the player friendly WOW route.

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